Bridesmaids, Wedding Planner and Wedding Script

Published : 2017-11-25 21:38:09
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How important are bridesmaids on your wedding day?

Little bridesmaids or groomsmen who sprinkle rose petals for the bride and groom and hand over the rings is of course very cute.

If you have children of your own, it is of course wonderful to involve the children in this way in your marriage, not only for girls but boys also feel very cool when they are allowed to wear the rings of mom and dad or get another "important" task .


On the other hand, adult bridesmaids or groomsmen can be of great help during preparations and during the wedding day. Your girlfriends or sisters as bridesmaids is of course cozy and familiar. Perhaps there is wedding planner but there are many tasks to distribute.


Quote from a bride: " my bridesmaids were very helpful! We went shopping together for bridesmaid dresses. One evening we had diner together at my home. I had written a wedding script and together we have coordinated how we will distribute the tasks. One of my bridesmaids was paying attention to the bouquets, another made my veil look good and another helped me in the toilet with the dress, also during the weddingparty they helped. We had a Polaroid camera that we used to make pictures for our guestbook. My bridesmaids have taken on this task. I thanked them with something beautiful from New York (Honeymoon) from Victoria Secrets and a sweet card.


Because the wedding day can be an exciting but also a hectic event it is useful to have a wedding script as a manual for the wedding planner and the bridesmaids.

The following important topics can be included:

General Information:

marriage of .....(names wedding couple)

date of the wedding

name and phone number of the wedding planner, bridesmaids and witnesses.

Important addresses:

Residence addresses and phone numbers of the bride, parents of the bride, groom, parents of the groom, wedding location, contact of the wedding location, wedding cake supplier, location of the church, the pastor, dinner & party location and location of the honeymoon night. 

Accessibility and parking options of the locations


Names and telephone numbers of the photographer, videographer, supplier wedding cake, supplier flowers, hairdresser, make-up artist,  supplier wedding car, official wedding registrar, pastor, music band or DJ.

Very important is the wedding day planning in the scenario so that everything can proceed according to plan:

Here you state the times, what will happen, where it will happen and who will do what; for example, who collects the bridal bouquet from he supplier or will it be delivered, who divides the corsages, at what time will the groom be picked up and by whom? At what time is the wedding ceremony, which music is played during the ceremony and when and by whom should this be played, when are photo moments, when is the wedding dinner, the wedding reception, the wedding party, when will the bride and groom leave for the wedding suite or their honeymoon.


Please note that you do not make a tight time schedule, in practice one or the other part of the wedding event runs out so that for a next part of the wedding event will be not enough time. Especially during the family dinner there are often speeches for the newly weds  and then there is a chance that there is not enough time for diner dessert and you have to go quickly over to the next event.

For the bridesmaids you can also make a separate script;

where and when must the bridesmaids be present, division of tasks of the bridesmaids like who will do what, where and when.


For the wedding planner and the bridesmaids, a script is a perfect guide to gain insight into how you would like your wedding day. Experience shows that despite a script unexpected, spontaneous events can take place .......... But that makes the wedding day an unforgettable day

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