Getting married with a Travel theme

Published : 2018-02-06 18:46:59
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Going on a trip and getting married on the way or at a beautiful foreign location? ......... many possibilities can be imagined, like on a boat, in the basket of a hot-air balloon or in a historic train.

Make the most important day of your life for yourself and your guests a special experience.


Getting married in the ambience of a historic train station or in a steam locomotive gives a truly unique vintage feel. Inquire at a railway museum in your area, many possibilities are offered. The historic ambience of a railway museum is also a unique venue for wedding photography.


Wedding couples who are not afraid of heights also can get married up in the air, in the gondola or wicker basket of a hot air balloon; a very special wedding environment. Because you are floating in no man's land during such a hot air balloon flight, the marriage certificate must be signed in a town hall or in an extraordinary wedding location.


Are you living on the shore or near a lake? turn your wedding day into a unique experience in a "wedding boat",  like marry on a river boat,   Yacht or Clipper ... or very romantic  in a rowing boat, but then you have to take the Ceremony Officiant with you into the rowing boat....

The DIY (do it yourself) bridal couples can make garlands of country maps or to wrap your wedding favors with luggage tags..

Wedding decoration like for example hot air balloon and other wedding articles belonging to a travel theme can be found in the Muscito web shop.


For the party gift cards and money envelopes you can use for example a (vintage) suitcase ..... if you have chosen Paris as a wedding theme, an 85 cm high Eiffel Tower envelope box is indispensable.

Do you have another nice suggestion? Let us know.

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Photography: Muscito, De Bruidssalon


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