Engrave options cake server sets


Same personalisation on Cake Server and Knife                                          

Different personalisation on Cake Server and Knife  

Same personalisation and Logo on Cake Server and Knife                        

Different personalisation and Logo on Cake Server and Knife  

Monogram and wedding date on Cake Server and Knife 


Monogram Style



Interlocking       modern roman        classic block       modern script


Monogram personalisation:

Left:                     first initial bride

Center:                 first initial surname

Right:                   first initial groom


Monogram personalisation also possible:  left initial groom and right initial bride.

A monogram consist only of letters , punctuation marks such as ampersand can not be included in a monogram.


Logo Styles



Double                                 Decorative                         Stylized                            Starfish



Flip-Flops                            Floral                                    Horse shoes                   Butterfly                                                                           




Engraving Options Flutes 



Same personalisation and logo on both flutes                   

Different personalisation and logo on each flute                

Same personalisation on both flutes                        

Different personalisation on each flute 

Monogram on both or each flute   

Lettering Style Cake Server Sets

Lettering Style Roman

Lettering Style Script

Lettering Style Contemporary

monogram and logo see above